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     A Rich Set of Widgets Toolkit

PiXWid is a rich set of Widgets (applications) that is built on the top of PiXScale our advanced 2D vector based graphics library. PiXWid is written in ANSI C. to achieve the greatest performance while using OO programming paradigm for getting a high modularity.

The Widget set includes a wide variety of objects. The labels, text, separators, progress bar and canvas are visual Widgets. The buttons, lists, combo box, scroll bar, slider and menus are Control Widgets. All the Widgets can be inserted in various containers to be laid out automatically. The stack, Grid, Pane Tab Container, Scroll container and pinboard are layout containers.

Developers can easily add their own custom widgets or derive an existing one. Hereafter is an example of a possible are a screenshot of the demo and a possible User Interface.
Please note that the demo (zipped file) is running on win32 but we achieved the same demo on a 200 MHz processor (i.e. the ATMEL AT91SAM9262).

Any combination of input devices including keyboard, touch screen, mouse, and multi-touch capable input devices can be used.

As PiXWid is relying on PiXScale, all Widgets can use the advanced features of our 2D vector based Graphics Library. Multiple frame buffers, per pixel alpha-blending, anti-aliased fonts, gradient fills, TrueType Fonts, UNICODE, image supports or multiple layers can be used to produce sophisticated UI.

All Widgets can be easily "skinned" or "themed" on the fly using an XML description.

PiXWid support almost all the classic image formats plus the SVG (vector based) which is particularly useful when designing a truly scalable UI.

PiXWid supports the optional LUA scripting engine. Developers can add /set specific code dynamically without recompiling the entire application. Scripting provides great support for testing and offers a high flexibility to tune the UI.

Royalty-free, per-project licensing
PiXWid Documentation
Download the datasheet
Download a demo (zipped file)


Our products were designed from the ground up for embedded systems that use either a Real Time Operating System (RTOS) or run natively as the standalone application (no OS). The result is a highly modular architecture that is optimized to match potentially any customers' requirements.


Our solutions enable OEM, Handsets, Set Top Box, telematics, medical and industrial manufacturers to integrate it across a dozen of 32/64 Bit processors and RTOSes. Porting on a new architecture is an easy process that can be done in less than 2 weeks.


2D vector based technology allows to use vector-based Icons, Images, layouts and even more. There is no longer dependencies about resolution and screen-size. Your UI design applies instantly!


It is easy for manufacturers to customize the look and feel of applications without having to change a line of code. As the result, OEM and manufacturers can differentiate their models from those of their competitors. Developing an entire UI is a process that can be done in a couple of weeks.

PiXScale,PiXWid are trademarks of PiXSonic. All others trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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